The True Meaning of Hogmanay

People make a really big deal out of Christmas but for a long time it hasn’t really done it for me. It’s part of being an adult I guess. Its hard to deal with not being a kid anymore. Hogmanay is where it’s at for me now. So what is Hogmanay anyway? A few years ago in a bid to get in closer contact with my Scottish roots I did a simple search for holidays and festivals that are important through out the calendar year in Scotland. Turns out New Years is a big deal there. They have fire juggling and everything. Primarily it’s a visiting holiday. You pay your respects to all your friends and family. You bring gifts of whiskey, shortbread, coal or salt depending on the blessing you are conveying on that household. This was something I felt I could really get behind. I decided to host a Hogmanay party with short bread whiskey and meat pies. I added the meat pie because I wanted an excuse to try and recreate a meat pie I had in Inverness when I visited years ago.  It was a success and has grown and changed every year.

Three years ago we rang in the new year in our new condo even though we had gotten the keys that morning. We had no furniture moved in yet but we had friends and drinks and pies anyway.  The constant of our little Hogmanay gatherings has been the focus on close friends and family. We make it a point to have room for people to stay the night and every year I go to sleep sometime after midnight with a warm glow that can only be attributed to a house full of love.

This year was different and not different at the same time. We had games, laughter and friends old and new gathered under our roof to ring in a new year. I felt especially blessed because 2014 had started off rough. Jeff was out of work and there were times during the winter where we were hanging on by our fingertips.  That warm glow I had as 2014 dawned and I went to sleep with a houseful of friends didn’t last very long. Sometimes it felt like all Jeff and I faced nothing but adversity our whole relationship and would never see anything else. mind you we’ve had more than our fair share but we’ve had good times too and I definitely lost sight of that. Slowly with effort and a focus and being kind to each other and myself the year got better. Jeff and I both stayed focused on maintaining our creative endeavors regardless of our situation and we have been rewarded with lots to show for our efforts. We still have great friends who know how to have fun and we’ve even added a couple more. We stretched the celebration out to two full days this year with friends dropping in to play more games on New Year’s day. It was befitting of the holiday I think.

I think Hogmanay gets better for me every year as life gets sweeter so happy Hogmanay to all.  May all our blessings carry forward into 2015 and beyond.


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