Is this maple syrup cruelty free?

The answer is no. No it is not. I can guarantee it is not. The syrup on your pancakes may, in fact be the most heinous crime against nature that you will encounter today. The maple syrup industry is not the mom and pop, operation you think it is, with charming but bloodthirsty woodsman leaving their homes each spring to quietly suck the blood of a few maple trees. No. It is big business. Proven by this severe heist. Here is the horror of which I speak, an entire grove of trees slowly being bled dry for the sake of your Sunday waffles.

No don’t take the easy way out and say you just didn’t know because you did know. The way in which maple sap is harvested is hardly a secret but you just didn’t think it was important. Did you? It isn’t just you. I don’t mean to point fingers. It’s all of us. Do any of us ever stop to consider that perhaps trees have sap for a reason? Maybe that tree needs it’s sap. Maybe it has plans for it. It has leaves to nourish for gods sake! Think of the baby leaves. Yes consider the leaves and buds that will never grow because you had to have a second stack of pancakes. We should be ashamed. The misuse of maple trees is a stain on us all. I don’t just mean Canadians either. You’re part of this too, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.

Well I for one am done standing idly by. I will be spending my summer educating the tourist population and picketing out front of the sugar shack. By next spring I hope to not see a single spigot in a single tree.

Happy April First,



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