True facts about Grandpa Trump

Given his stance on immigration and mass deportations etc. I find these pieces of Donald Trump’s family history quite interesting.

First his grandfather immigrated from Germany. Yes. You read that correctly. He is two generations removed from being a foreigner himself and he thinks we have too many immigrants. That is just laughable.

Second, his grandfather made his money in the gold rush as a pimp. Who’s doing the raping Don? Oh I see when there’s profit involved its ok. Got it.

The best part of Grandpappi Trump’s story? He took the money he made, selling hookers in Canada and tried to go back to Germany. Let’s just wrap our heads around this for a moment. He came here made a bunch of money and instead of putting it into the economy he took it “offshore”. Hmmm. Very interesting. However, Germany said “hey! you fucked off without putting in your military service and took out citizenship in another country, so why don’t you just go back there?” They deported him.

Well played Germany. Well played.

Source material: This is an article covering a Trump family biography. Trump Biography


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