Love love love

As news from Paris rolls in we turn so quickly from grief to a desire for revenge. This is human. It is to he expected.  We want to do something. We want justice. We want action. What can we do? How to you fight hate? On a global scale I have to admit that I do not know but i do know how to curb hate growing within our own hearts. Reach out with love. Hold someone’s hand. Tell someone you love them. Call an old friend and remind each other why you care. Give compassion to a stranger. Believe the best about someone who is different from you. Cup your hand so the grains of sand that make up a gentle heart do not slip through your fingers. If you want to help the people of France find a way to give money or time to repair the damage to people’s lives instead of throwing violent words out into the world. Reach out with love.

While I’m at it here is an article on the artist behind the Paris Peace sign here


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