“Never/Always Alone”

I live a lot of my life alone. Is that bad? Most of the time I don’t think so. I’m an introvert who works a public facing job and I need to recharge, be creative etc alone. Luckily my husband is an introvert too so there isn’t much pressure to go out, mingle,or  be social. He never questions the hours I spend in my office making up/ writing stories, inevitably spending too much time on Pinterest and Youtube. I always come downstairs to find him working on something himself, puca trading mostly, or editing his podcast, not to tell all his secrets.

Sometimes however it is hard, not bad but hard. It is difficult to remember that I have to prioritize people, to make an effort to call, write, facebook chat etc. I am very lucky that the friends I have are patient with me. The ones that aren’t have fallen by the wayside but the ones I have are worth their weight in gold.

“May your tears come from Laughing

May you find friends worth having

With every year passing they’re worth more than Gold.”

Rankin Family “Never Alone”

So to the people who stick with me, while I’m not effusive and I don’t call or email, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you every single day.


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