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What CAN we do?

Never has it been more important for those of us that are or present as straight to leverage our privilege to make this world a safe place for out LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

We need to be the safety that we want to see in the world.

While it may seem that there is nothing we can do that will make an impact and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vastness of bullying and discrimination out there, one thing is certainly within our power.

Do not let hate or hate speak flourish in your presence, whether it is your physical presence or even just your facebook page.

Stand up and be counted. It can be as easy as blocking someone who is victim blaming and telling them why.

Call people on their bullshit. Speak up even if it’s just shutting down someone being a jerk on social media.

People are more likely to listen to the opinion of someone who seems like them, ie straight.

Even if you don’t know a single person in the community I bet you have interacted with someone at some point.

Think of the woman standing behind you in the grocery line, the man driving next to you. Would you want to see them gunned down for any reason?

I hope the answer is no.

It doesn’t matter if you know someone personally affected.

This is not happening in a vacuum. It’s not happening on another planet or even in another country, to borrow an expression from Greg Proops who is a genius at drawing attention to social issues.

This is happening right here right now inside our borders and attitudes like that of the person who committed this atrocity are allowed to flourish when good people do nothing and say nothing.

Be an ally. Make it known that you are a safe person to interact with. Be brave enough to wear a button that says you are an ally.

Speak up. Stand up. Just say “no, not around me. I will not let you get away with being an ignorant, hateful, ass in my presence.”

There is always something we can do to help and if you look for a way to do so, you will find it.

visit Glaad for information on being an ally.


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