For the Trump supporter crying over the Mean Mean internet

O.K. my mind is completely blown! On a day when I didn’t think it could get any worse; when I had never doubted the goodness humanity more, my mind has officially been shattered. I am mad as hell and I am sure not going to shut my mouth.

I have a coworker who is a rabid Trump supporter, in spite of the fact that she works with not one but TWO immigrants, who might be negatively affected by his policies, Never mind the fact that his vice presidential candidate thinks her other coworkers should not have the right to marry and should “pray their gay away”, she still knowingly cast her ballot for someone whose policies would hurt these people that she sees more often than she sees her own family! At very least those of us around her are harmed by the hateful things that come out of her mouth in regards to these issues.

I was very glad that on the day after this disastrous election she was not on the schedule. A day of her gloating when I was having difficulty not crying all day was more than any reasonable person should be asked to bear. However, when she came in tonight for the team meeting she was visibly upset and said that everything on the internet was too awful and she was hiding and watching cat videos!

Are you fucking kidding me? I’m just going to say this without apology. YOU don’t get to sit in the corner and cry! You made this happen! You knowingly voted for someone who spews nothing but hatred, racism, bigotry etc etc. You have supported this person for a year. You repeat the horrible things he says. YOU CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR A CHILE RAPIST! And now you want to play the victim because the internet has some mean things to say about a person who has NOTHING but mean things to say about everyone else? GET FUCKED!

This is the memory of this election day that I will keep, the absolute mind melting cognitive dissonance that allows you to be as unkind as you want but as soon as someone disagrees with your vile calloused twaddle you want to moan and cry about it.



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