Dream Logic


This is what happens when I wake up in the morning, drop the ferret off for surgery and go back to sleep. gotta love dreams that are so mundane they could be real life but are also completely bizarre and frustrating at the same time.

“sorry I was late back from lunch everything got lost and I was fighting with someone over text, I think. Hey where is my monitor?” ( I really should have asked why the teller line was suddenly on the outside deck of an ice ream parlor from Whitehorse circa 1991.)

“Someone smashed it against the outside wall.”


“seriously?! I was gone for 30 minutes and someone committed an act of violent vandalism. WTF? And where are the cops and why does no one seem to care?” ( I should maybe have also asked my co-worker why she was wearing my c-pap mask or at least remarked on us being twins.)

Whatever. I guess I need to spend a bunch of time searching this creepy building for a new monitor.”


comes back empty-handed after an eternity of searching dusty interconnected rooms with radios that literally turn themselves on when you get within two feet of them.


well that’s a no go. All I found was this dog that won’t leave me alone. I’m sure he’s nice but he keeps using his claws on my arm. Can you take him? Thanks.”

Oh and am I the only one who’s noticed that the floor boards in the front entry way are falling in? Seriously there are holes that could swallow entire children and I thought I’d better mention it because there seem to be swarms of children everywhere for some unknown reason.”
Literally no one cares.

you know what? I don’t care either. I need to find my purse and this other purse that somehow ended up here and this other random thing that I just can’t live without that is buried in this maze of dusty rooms full of antique furniture. What the hell is with these radios? Is that news from the 1930’s because that other one was definitely playing music from the 1940’s.”


“I am going to have to ask someone about this. Holy shit!!! where did this vacuum cleaner come from and why is it attacking me? How come it is upright and also has a long hose connected to a bag thingy?”

“Wait-Why does this feel like one of those dreams where you get lost trying to retrace your steps and constantly get lost? Finally a room that looks familiar and has a clear exit to the outside. Oh and there’s Dad maybe he can explain that radio phenomenon.”

A long conversation with my father and a woman from Ireland who I’ve never seen before but is clearly an old friend of the family. While we can talk in-depth about changes in technology and radio programming and TV cable packages neither of them seem to know or care about radios being motion activated in this possibly haunted hell hole. In fact they seem to think I’m weird for even posing the question. Maybe this shit doesn’t happen to everyone.

That’s it I’m just going home but oh shit I can’t leave without putting my cash drawer away. Ummm if the entire counter is gone does that mean someone already put my drawer away? They would have had to be in dual control and that must have been a pain. Should I find someone and apologize? Seriously the whole thing is gone? Time to GTFO. Just as soon as I go back to that place where I stashed all my stuff and grab it because why they hell would I put it down in the first place?!”


Frustrating search through piles of lost and found crap and more getting lost and losing things I just had a second ago.Forget the radios. Why are random kids from my high school playing the weirdest game of hide and seek ever? Who makes ghost noises during hide and seek? Is that Draco Malfoy?”

and we’re back.